The National Gallery

Celebrating the Nation’s Gallery

This week will see the 200th anniversary of The National Gallery, the Nation’s Gallery, your Gallery.

The National Gallery is the only gallery in the world where you can experience the entire history of Western European painting in a relatively small, manageable collection. What you see in the diagram below is a selection of 20 paintings from a collection which now contains about 2,400 works. It offers the perfect entry point to and overview of the collection – your collection – at the National Gallery, which on 10 May 2024 celebrates its 200th birthday. Alongside each painting we have supplied its Gallery number so you can easily locate it within the collection and on our website. We hope that by looking at these paintings, you will feel inspired during this landmark year to find out more about them as well as discover other artistic treasures in the collection for yourself. The warmest of welcomes awaits you at your National Gallery!

Click on each section in the diagram below to reveal the painting!

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Author: Dr Susanna Avery-Quash, Lead Curator, National Gallery.
Designer: Urvashi Patankar. Creative Director/ Lead Editor: Gaverne Bennett.
Co-Lead Editor: Dallas Athent. Editors: Lison Sabrina Musset, Susan Wills, Zita Holbourne.